Whether you want to create a digital presence or enhance it, we can help you achieve your goals. Are you wanting to monetize your ad sales beyond print? We can help!

Years ago I was approached by a company specializing in online digital publications. The problem was it was not cost effective. However, Publication Printers began providing the same technology at about 1/3 of the cost. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my clients have found this to be an extremely effective tool in driving additional traffic to their establishment. If my clients are happy with me, then you better believe I am extremely happy with this service. In the changing world of technology, this is the one mainstay that helps my publication remain a viable tool in generating customers for my clients.–Dane Riggenbach - Publisher, Key Magazine

The online edition of The O&P EDGE offers another great option for our readers and advertisers alike. Many of our readers tell me that they like the convenience of browsing through the flip magazine to enjoy the magazine while they are traveling. With the online edition, we can give readers access to our quality O&P content in its original layout—the complete magazine experience in digital format. Our advertisers, and their customers, are thrilled that readers can link right to product websites through live links in the online edition. It’s real time interaction for the information readers want.–Tonja Randolph - Publisher, The O&P Edge